Thursday, April 25, 2002

Not Cataloging - But Good Ideas

I've come across two very good ideas recently. Walt Crawford has this proposal:

"COWLZ: the [Caucus/Coalition/Consortium/Cluster] of Online and Web-based Library-related Zines/Newsletters....

I've built a COWLZ folder in my Notes Mail space. With a little encouragement, I'd set up a COWLZ Topica list, even with the growing ad overhead of Topica-unless someone offers a no-ad list environment to help semi-organize COWLZ.

This is a call to proprietors of online and Web-based library-related zines and newsletters to do one of two things: Respond with indications of interest and the extent to which you're willing to be involved-or respond with a clear message that this is a stupid idea and you want nothing to do with it. For now, send email to me: Include "COWLZ" beginning the subject line."

The other idea came from the latest Library Journal column Inside Track by Francine Fialkoff, a Library Most Read List to exist along side the best sellers lists.

"I've already spoken with several librarians who've said they'd participate, including Robert White at the above-mentioned Bergen County system, Julie Pringle at Fairfax County Public Library, VA, and David Domkoski at Tacoma Public Library. If you're interested, contact me at As White said when we spoke, "We've failed politically to send a message to the powers that be about the clout of libraries." We must change that."