Friday, July 12, 2002

MARC Transformations

Some notes on open source projects this morning. MARC4J is currently at beta version 6.
The goal of MARC4J is to provide an easy to use Application Programming Interface (API) for working with MARC records in Java.

Using MARC4J it is easy to write any kind of Java application or servlet that involves MARC or MARCXML data. MARC4J provides SAX2 consumers and producers for conversions between MARC and MARCXML, including support for character conversions between MARC-8 and UCS/Unicode environments. Together with the SAX2 interface it is possible to write robust MARC to XML conversion programs simply by implementing the methods in the MarcHandler interface. The MARC record object model can be used to convert XML back to MARC tape format. The record object model is also suitable for in-memory editing of MARC records, just as DOM is used for XML editing purposes. The MARC4J library can also be used for reporting purposes, to import MARC records into databases, or to provide transformations between different MARC formats.