Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Not Cataloging

First draft COUNTER Usage Reports: librarians invited to take part in online survey

An important part of the COUNTER Code of Practice will be the collection of Usage Reports to be provided by vendors to customers. Vendors will have to meet specified reporting standards in order to be designated 'COUNTER compliant'. The first drafts of the Usage Reports are now available and librarians are invited to participate in an online survey that will collect their comments on them. There are ten reports proposed for Release 1 of the Code of Practice, of which six cover journals and four cover bibliographic databases. These will be added to as the Code of Practice is extended and covers a wider range of content types.

The online survey, as well as the full list of Usage Reports, may be accessed by clicking on Online Librarian Survey. We recommend that Microsoft Internet Explorer be used as the browser for the online survey.

'The survey will be available only for a limited time, so please complete it as soon as possible so that your opinions are recorded'.