Monday, July 08, 2002


The latest issue of First Monday is out. This issue includes:

  • Electric Symbols: Internet Words And Culture by John Fraim
  • The Next Stage: Moving from Isolated Digital Collections to Interoperable Digital Libraries by Howard Besser
  • The Soundproof Book: Exploration of Rights Conflict and Access to Commercial EBooks for People with Disabilities by George Kerscher and Jim Fruchterman
  • Cave or Community? An Empirical Examination of 100 Mature Open Source Projects by Sandeep Krishnamurthy
  • Open Source Intelligence by Felix Stalder and Jesse Hirsh
  • Censoring the Internet: The Situation in Turkey by Kemal Altintas, Tolga Aydin, and Varol Akman
  • The Place of Law in Cyberspace by David Altheide
  • The Medical Journal Meets the Internet by Charles Curran
  • FM Interviews: Stephanie Mills
  • Book Reviews