Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Digital Preservation

Preserving the Memory of the World in Perpetuity: a joint statement on the archiving and preserving of digital information by IFLA and IPA (International Publishers Association). Here are the principles and recommendations:
  • An increasing amount of information published only in electronic form has enduring cultural and documentary significance and is just as important as information published in more traditional forms.
  • The long-term availability of this information is required and action must be taken now to make this possible.
  • Both organizations will work to make long-term archiving and preservation a key agenda item internationally.
  • Both organizations will encourage the development and implementation of industry standards, systems, and research for digital archiving and preservation, including identifying funding opportunities to support such work.
  • While publishers generally can ensure the short-term archiving of their publications so long as these publications are economically viable, libraries are best-placed to take responsibility for long-term archiving through appropriate arrangements with publishers.
  • Since national libraries have the mandate to acquire and preserve the published heritage in their respective countries, and most are experimenting with the acquisition of digital publications, these libraries, with other leading libraries and organizations, should take the lead responsibility for long-term archiving of digital publications.
  • A publisher/library working group will further develop joint initiatives regarding the technical, economic and policy issues of digital preservation including, where appropriate, the establishment of co-operative initiatives with other organisations which are investigating these issues.