Thursday, August 15, 2002

LC Staffing

The Cataloging Directorate and the Serial Record Division (Acquisitions Directorate) of the Library of Congress are currently seeking catalogers for all languages, formats, and subject areas. You do not need to be a current Library of Congress employee to apply for any of these positions.

The Serial Record Division plans to hire four catalogers. The Cataloging Directorate expects to hire more than 25 monograph catalogers. The serial cataloger position and several monograph cataloger positions have already been posted on the USAJOBS Web site, the United States government's official source of information for Federal jobs, and more are expected soon. The deadline to apply for the serial cataloger positions is Sept. 3. The deadline to apply for the law monograph cataloger position is August 16. Application deadlines for other monograph cataloger positions vary.

To read the vacancy announcements and submit your application online, please keep checking the USAJOBS site for vacancy announcements throughout the summer and September.

From the LC CATALOGING NEWSLINE v. 10 no. 8 (August 2002)