Thursday, August 15, 2002

LITA National Forum

I've just placed my registration for the LITA National Forum being held here in Houston, Tex. Oct. 11-13. Some sessions of cataloging interest include:
  • The Next Generation of OPACs: XML, the Wireless Web, and the Voice Internet
  • The Lowest Common Denomination: Utilizing Descriptive Meta-Data and XML to Create a Subject Based Cross-Institutional Research Portal
  • Metadata Aggregation Networks and the Open Archives Initiative
  • More Pages Than a Website Should be Allowed to Have: building purely web-based catalogs through data conversion (I'm sure to catch this one)
I'm hoping to be able to check out the LITA guide Open Source Software for Libraries if they have some there. Sounds like a very good book, but I hesitate to buy it sight unseen.