Monday, September 23, 2002

Information Access

My wife uses a handheld as a replacement for her Franklin Planner. I get by fine with my old Timex Data Link. This past weekend I was messing with her PDA and installed AvantGO on it and selected Catalogablog as my channel. It worked rather nicely. It did download all the links from the left side of the page, which were useless but the text was clear and readable. The links did not work, since this was a download not a WIFI connection.

This would be a nice way to keep up with 'blogs, news sites, any Web site that changes on a regular basis. Maybe this is common knowledge to PDA users but it was an "AHA" moment to me. We might want to design or redesign sites to display better on these devices. For example, if I placed the link lists on the right side of my 'blog then they should show after the postings. (Maybe someday, but not soon) Less scrolling for the user. What other uses and considerations should be made for the PDA user?