Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Open Source ILS

Avanti MicroLCS version 1.0 beta 1 is released.

Although I was aiming for a fully completed version 1.0 release today, I have decided that this release be a beta version. As often happens in software, things sometimes take a little longer than expected. The documentation, though ample, is still a work in progress. I have not had enough time to do the thorough testing that a version 1.0 demands. A few planned features are also absent in this release. The fully tested and polished version 1.0 will be made available in a few weeks.

However, despite some roughness here and there, this beta release comes close, in form and substance, to what Avanti MicroLCS 1.0 is expected to be. This release is a serviceable product, providing a basic networked OPAC. It embodies the design philosophy of simplicity, implementation neutrality, flexibility, and innovation that has been the cornerstone of this project from the beginning. With its unique vertically monolithic, abstract design, Avanti MicroLCS is a departure from the norm. This release should be a tangible representative of what has been in the works over the past year, and what is to come. Seen on oss4lib.

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