Friday, January 24, 2003


Popdex now offers the ability to host TrackBack threads for any arbitrary URL.

The Problem: Conversations (threads, memes, etc.) tend to revolve at any given moment around a particular link (i.e to an online article or blog post). If you want to see what others are saying about that particular newsworthy item, there's no succinct way of doing so. The only option tends to be clicking through all the citation links, and trying to see what people are saying about that particular item.

Part of the Solution: TrackBack pings can now be sent to Popdex for any arbitrary URL, thus creating a hosted, third-party TrackBack solution for any URL on the web. A reverse chronological (most recent first) list of TrackBacks are now listed on all Popdex citation pages.

But I need your help, thus I am invoking the LazyWeb!

I'd like to see this work on Blogger. It is something like citation linking, and that has proven to be useful. Seen on the Shifted Librarian

LazyWeb is a unique idea. People submit ideas they think useful and hope someone else creates the tool.

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