Monday, February 03, 2003

Distance Learning Librarians

The application website for the 2003 Summer Workshop for Distance Learning Librarians has opened. It will be at The University Center (North of Houston, Tex.) from July 14-18, 2003. Here's the application.

For more information on the 2003 Workshop, see the overview page.

As we did last summer, we plan to focus again on the needs of academic librarians. However, based on input from the 2002 attendees, we've made a few changes. The format and content will be similar to last summer, with some revisions and a few new topics. Some of the speakers will be the same (Dr. Carol Simpson, for example) and some will be new.

We've also posted information on last summer's workshop on our site.

Home page.

Events page with a few Workshop pictures.

Overview of 2002 Workshop.

More 2002 Workshop pictures.

I was lucky enough to attend this last summer and I can only say it was an excellent workshop. The presentations were all above average, the setting and facilities excellent and the price can't be beat. Tuition and travel are paid by the grant, so it is almost free.

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