Friday, March 28, 2003


The draft of the paper Quality Assurance for Digital Learning Object Repositories: The Power of Metadata by Sarah Currier and Jane Barton is available for comment.
Much work has already been done within the learning technology community to assure metadata quality. So far this effort has focused on the development of the metadata infrastructure, in the form of standards and specifications, and the implementation of this infrastructure within repositories. There has been an assumption that metadata creation will be straightforward. However, repositories are beginning to report significant difficulties in obtaining good quality metadata from their contributors and it is increasingly apparent that the issue of metadata creation warrants attention.

This paper draws together the growing body of evidence, both from within the learning technology community and from related disciplines, to scope the issue of metadata creation and to identify questions for further investigation. It is anticipated that this will form the basis for a programme of work that will inform future policy development in this important area.

This addresses the old "garbage in, garbage out" problem. Good metadata or cataloging is more than just following rules and filling in spaces in the record. Seems others are finding this as news. However, we can learn from their research and perhaps fine tune our own systems.

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