Thursday, March 13, 2003


OntoLog is a tool for annotating (describing and indexing) video and audio using ontologies - structured sets of terms or concepts. It used RDF and the Dublin Core. This is a PH. D. project by Jon Heggland. He is looking for testers and users.
For OntoLog and my doctoral degree to be a success, I need the ideas, requirements, critique and feedback of (potential) OntoLog users. OntoLog, though usable and useful, is not finished - there are lots of things I want to do. But I want to anchor the capabilities of OntoLog in the real world.

Therefore, I am looking for people who use digital video or audio professionally, who might benefit from using a tool such as OntoLog, and who has opinions on the requirements of such a tool. OntoLog is currently being used for analysis of video recordings recording human behaviour, but this is not the only possible application for OntoLog. I imagine media scientists, linguists, documentarists, anthropologists and journalists might benefit from OntoLog, and there are certainly numerous applications I can't think of. I can offer you a media annotation tool that grows steadily more powerful, free support, and a say in its further development; in return I want ideas for new or improved functionality, feedback on user interface and design, and examples of real-life applications of OntoLog's ontology-based annotation paradigm.

Or you can just download the tool and see it it works for you.

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