Tuesday, March 25, 2003


How have I missed this, there is a Perl4Lib mail list. It is hosted by Rice University, just up the road. My subscription request has already been sent. Aside from the list archives, there are other resources available
  • MARC.pm is a Perl 5 module, composed of a set of programs, which read, manipulate, create or convert transmission format MARC records. This program can be downloaded.
  • Cutting Down on Clicks: Using Perl Behind the Scenes to Access Information from a Z39.50 Catalog, by Eric Stedfeld, New York University. Can you use Perl to trick your Z39.50 catalog into delivering up a web page without having to click through a lot of intervening pages?
  • A MARC Interpreter program, by Ashley Sanders. This program makes use of many features of Perl. It is brief, well-constructed, and makes a good learning exercise for an advanced-beginner/intermediate Perl person.
  • Manipulating Subfields in a MARC Record by Bill Birthisel, is a simple example and explanation of field and subfield updating using the Perl module MARC.pm.

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