Friday, March 28, 2003


Next week is the Texas Library Association annual conference. Postings may be spotty since I'll be involved in the 3rd largest library conference in the U.S. Anyone who wants to pitch hit next week covering this 'blog just let me know.

Too many good sessions and no time for lunch. There are parties at night so there is some time to visit.

Stop by the Texas Regional Group of Catalogers and Classifiers table shared with the Special Libraries Division. I'm bringing 600 CD-ROMs to distribute, Space Science Reference Guide. Be sure to pick up one at the booth. Marianne Dyson is giving a session Home on the Moon. That book just crossed my desk. My co-worker is giving the session Out of This World Collaborations, shows what the LPI is up to with public libraries. Chuck Bearden, a classmate of mine from UNT, is speaking on Open-Source Software and Libraries: A Good Fit?

Ill be wearing my OCLC button Cataloging Is a Public Service.

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