Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Geography Markup Language

Geography Markup Language (GML) is a new (to me) metadata standard. Wonder how it fits in with FGDC metadata?
GML or Geography Markup Language is an XML based encoding standard for geographic information developed by the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC). It is current status is an RFC under review within the OpenGIS Consortium. The RFC is supported by a variety of vendors including Oracle Corporation, Galdos Systems Inc, MapInfo, CubeWerx and Compusult Ltd. GML was implemented and tested through a series of demonstrations which formed part of the OpenGIS Consortium's Web Mapping Test Bed (WMT) conducted in September 1999. These tests involved GML mapping clients interacting with GML data servers and service providers.
An "Introduction to GML Geography Markup Language" by Ron Lake provides an overview.

Found in a reference in the paper "Geographic Information Science and Technologies: Impacts on Information Access and Exchange for the Geosciences" by Christopher A. Badurek in Geoscience Information: a Dynamic Odyssey. GIS in libraries scares me. It seems like it could be an endless time sink. Yet, that data belongs in libraries.

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