Wednesday, May 14, 2003


I'm still thinking about the best way to put Easy News Topics (ENT) to use. It seems Radio Userland can create OPML files. The outliner is not the ideal thesaurus construction tool, but it could work. k-collector is an interesting application using ENT.
This is an experimental RSS/ENT aggregator. Clicking on the links below you will enter into different clouds of topics or jump right into one topic.

Each cloud has been dynamically generated parsing RSS feeds from various weblogs and sites.

If many sites used the same controlled vocabulary in a cloud, say library sites, one could group items by topics across all the sites. A useful structure. Does k-collector read OPML files created in Radio Userland? Or is that not what they mean by sites?

A major question is, just what is a library 'blog? Is it something like this where issues of concern to librarians are discussed? Is it a 'blog at a library with postings about local meetings, new arrivals and local contact information? Do they include 'blogs by MLS students which are often more about their life than library issues? On one level, I'd have to say yes, but constructing a cloud (thesaurus) for such a diverse group could lead to reinventing the LCSH. Just musing on the issue. Comments, clarifications and suggestions welcomed.

Maybe this would be a good project for an MLS student. A SLIS would be a good place to host the thesaurus and maybe some supporting documentation, tools, and links. Or it could be hosted on LISHost, which seems to be a de facto LIS gathering place.

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