Friday, May 09, 2003


iCalShare is an interesting attempt to structure information.
The site, launched in September 2002, contains over 1250 calendars in more than 30 different categories. Calendars are free to download and can be used with such applications as Apple's iCal and Mozilla Calendar.
There is no search facility, you have to scroll through the descriptions in the categories. The site does have a nice clean look; you can e-mail, print, preview or subscribe to a calendar.

Why do more places not make available a downloadable version of their calendar? In many cases a calendar would be more effective than a 'blog. It is something more people understand. Used in conjunction they could be useful tools for keeping patrons informed. I'd like to see more libraries offer a calendar of events in such a format. Maybe they could offer a few, one for the library and another for community events and meetings. PHP iCalendar allows for an RSS feed as well. Mentioned on the Shifted Librarian.

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