Wednesday, May 07, 2003


New uses for RSS formatted data are appearing. Displaying RSS Feeds in WebCT explains how to add a feed to that tool. Seen on The Blog Drivers Waltz.

The tool used to place the feed in WebCT is RSS-box viewer by Adam Curry

This RSS-box viewer can display the formats RSS 0.91, RSS 0.92, RSS 1.0 (w/o modules) and Scripting News 2. It provides a neat way to embed such RSS-boxes in any HTML document via a generated JavaScript tag.
Syndicated content: it's more than just some file formats by Paul Miller appears in Ariadne no. 35 (March/April 2003).
Takes a look at issues arising from the current enthusiasm for syndicating content to portals or other web sites, and offers some guidelines for good practice.
Danny Ayers has written Simple Semantic Resolution - RSS 2.0 Module Seen at Semantic Blogging Demonstrator.
This specification defines the Simple Semantic Resolution (SSR) Module for the RSS 2.0 syndication format. The purpose of SSR is to provide a mechanism by which the semantics of an RSS 2.0 document can be unambiguously resolved to an RDF model. This is done by declaring the RSS 2.0 file as being an RDF representation and provide a mapping between the RSS 2.0 syntax and the RDF model. The mapping is declared using an XSLT to give an RSS 1.0-based representation, this RDF/XML serialization providing anchorage to the RDF model. The role of the XSLT stylesheet is as part of a module's specification, processing with it will not be needed in most circumstances.

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