Monday, May 05, 2003


Guidelines for the Non-Sorting Control Character Technique has been posted by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office Library of Congress.
With Proposal No 98-16R (Nonfiling characters in all MARC formats), the MARC 21 community approved the use of beginning and ending control characters to block off nonfiling or non-sorting characters in MARC 21 records. These new MARC 21 characters are based on the NSB and NSE characters of ISO 6630 (Bibliographic Control Numbers). For the MARC-8, UCS/Unicode representations of these characters, see the appropriate MARC 21 Specifications pages.

Discussion Paper 118 and Discussion Paper 2002-DP05 explored specific guidelines on how to apply these characters. After much discussion, it was decided that prescriptive guidelines should be drafted that present using the control character technique to indicate non-sorting characters, particularly for initial articles, in a limited number of fields. These guidelines with the allowed fields and subfields are presented below.

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