Wednesday, June 25, 2003


The Working Group on Multilingual Thesauri, of the Classification and Indexing Section of IFLA has issued a progress report on Guidelines for Multilingual Thesauri.
The guidelines would deal with building multilingual thesauri from scratch or by merging of existing thesauri and with linking of existing thesauri. With linking the result is not a new (multilingual) thesaurus, but the possibility to use one of the linked thesauri to search in databases indexed with any of the linked thesauri.

Another important result of the considerations is that both thesauri with the same structure of relations between the descriptors for all relevant languages and thesauri with a different structure of relations are considered.

The result of the meetings is a detailed outline of the guidelines with many examples, based on the existing guidelines and on a draft for (monolingual) guidelines for information languages.

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