Wednesday, July 02, 2003


The current issue of JDIM (Journal of Digital Information Management) has the paper "Indexing for XML-based Articles" by Canan F. Pembe and Taflan 0. Gundem.
Traditional information retrieval systems have problems in the relevancy of the search results. They usually return a huge number of results to query requests, mainly because they do not have the ability to utilize the semantic information XML can provide. The solution is XML-based information retrieval systems. Furthermore, an application area of this subject is XML-based article retrieval. In recent years, there has been a great tendency, both in the academia and the industry, to publish articles electronically using XML In this paper, we present an indexing schema for the article retrieval system that we propose - in which all the articles are formed as XML documents. The indexing schema is geared for efficient processing of queries, considering the specific properties in the retrieval of XML-based articles. Furthermore, we compare the performance of our proposed indexing schema with an alternative approach.
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