Friday, August 29, 2003


Lately, I've been skipping lunch to drop a few pounds. Still wanting a break from my desk, I've been spending my time at the local public library. The Freeman branch of the Harris County Library System is busy center for the local community. It is always busy. Often it is hard to find parking outside and a seat in the library. Many folks I talk to do not even use the library because it is too busy. The computer terminals are busy, patrons are checking out videos and DVD's, reading magazines, checking out books, asking reference questions. All the natural activities of a library are being heavily used.

A new larger building is being constructed for the library. With increased parking and more seating, I expect use will go up. However, I'd bet it won't be too long before people are saying of the new library they don't use it because parking is bad and there are not enough seats. A person who visits libraries they will see they are community centers that are used.

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