Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Lately I've been thinking about "Why add metadata to a 'blog?" Except for the title and description field most search engines ignore most of it. It isn't driving lots of readers my way nor increasing my page hits. I doubt it has much, if any influence on my ranking in any of the major search engines. Why bother?

Several reasons, some might apply to you as well.

  • Working with other metadata schemes gives insight into MARC/AACR2. Seeing where the schemes are similar and where the differ provides insight into the reasoning (or lack of) behind the structure.
  • We have something to contribute to the development of metadata schemes. Librarians have much experience with metadata and the responsibility to share it with those designing structures for the Web.
  • We might be called on to select a metadata scheme for a Web project at our institution. As metadata savvy professionals we should be able to advise our institutions on the proper metadata for different projects. It is no longer the case of one size (MARC/AACR) fits all. There are options and who better to know them then us?

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