Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Review of current practices and state of the art, a report from The European Library (TEL) is available.
The report contributes to the general review phase of the TEL project. It combines a review of the state of the art, based on desk research, with a survey of current practices among the partners. Special attention has been paid to recommendations regarding metadata for digital publications that have been made by various European library projects, international web consortia and national activities.

The core of the report consists of an analysis of responses to a questionnaire, which deals with various aspects of metadata, such as terminology, creation, availability, exchangeability and linking mechanisms. This analysis is matched with findings from the desk research, which results in numerous recommendations.

The report shows that there are many differences among the TEL partners regarding the creation and use of metadata for electronic publications. There are many issues to be resolved, to be able to reach interoperability within the TEL testbed. There is not enough consensus yet to be able to identify now a core metadata scheme for TEL. The report concludes with various issues that need to be dealt with before a common metadata model can be identified.

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