Thursday, October 16, 2003

Guide to US Map Resources - 3rd ed. Survey

Fill out a survey and win one of 2 $100 gift certificates from a national map dealer!

The Map and Geography Roundtable (MAGERT) of the American Library Association is pleased to announce the opening of the survey whose results will be used to create the 3rd Edition of the Guide to U.S. Map Resources. The first edition was published in 1986, and the second in 1990 (974 collections participated). In the last 13 years there have been significant changes in the map library community. The 3rd Edition is long overdue and your help is needed.

All libraries in the United States and its territories with collections of over 1,000 maps, or with collections of significant research, or historic value are asked to participate. MAGERT's goal is to compile a comprehensive guide. This will be accomplished only with YOUR help. Libraries will need to complete the official survey. The official survey is exclusively available on the web.

Completed paper copies of the survey will also be accepted via US mail or FAX by the editor (see contact information below). The Survey will take approximately 10 to 40 minutes to finish. It is acceptable to approximate figures or leave answers blank, particularly if the maps are dispersed throughout your institution. Please forward this message on to institutions you believe should be included in the Guide. The Survey itself will begin October 15, 2003 and close January 31, 2004.

After the closing of the survey, two libraries completing the survey will be chosen at random and each awarded a gift certificate from a national map dealer in the amount of $100.

Christopher J.J. Thiry, Map Librarian at The Colorado School of Mines, is the editor of this edition. Approximately 30 other people will act as regional editors.

Once again, the survey can be found online.

For more information or questions, please contact:
Christopher J.J. Thiry, editor
Map Librarian
Colorado School of Mines

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