Friday, November 14, 2003


I'm here, in Louisville, supporting my wife as she presents at the AOSA National Conference. It is low-tech, could be in the 80's. No laptops, PDA, PowerPoint (thank you), or WiFi. This is a very different environment than at the library conference. These folks have no internet room for checking their e-mail and yet they survive, flourish even.

They take no notes, the sessions are participatory. Everybody up and dance, play instruments, sing, always doing something. We have to remember that there are folks out there who are not shifted and have no need to get that way. It is more important to a music program to have a student who can hold mallets and play a scale that to do a PowerPoint on Madonna. This is a remarkable group of people. Music teachers are just a good to be around as librarians. It has been a pleasure being here and sharing their conference.

I do think a bit of technology would be useful. Taping the sessions and then putting them on CDs as MP3s or in Ogg Vorvis format could be a benefit to those who could not attend. The participatory nature would be lost, but it would be something. Beyond that, this low-tech conference is working just fine.

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