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This list of changes to AACR is courtesy of the British Library.
The British Library
CA&D Cataloguing

Summary of Changes in AACR 2003 Update

The 2003 Update to the 2002 AACR2 is now available and will be implemented in Cataloguing, CA&D, from 1st December 2003.

The 2003 changes are as follows:

  • 1.8E1: Binding information can now be added when there is only one ISBN.
  • 1.10C2b; 3.0A1; A.27A; Glossary: Cartographic materials; Globe; Map: The term "earth" will now be capitalized whenever it refers to the planet. Previously "earth" was capitalized only when the term appeared in conjunction with other planets.) Relevant examples and Glossary definitions have been amended.
  • 12.7B18: Two examples of "summary" notes for integrating resources have been added.
  • 21.2A2i: Category (i) for minor changes to a title proper now includes the rearrangement of existing words in the title.
  • 21.30J1; 25.2E1; 26.4B1, footnote 2: A title added entry is now made for all items entered under a name heading or entered under a uniform title heading.
  • 24.20C1; 24.20C2; 21.20C3: Headings for heads of governments and heads of international intergovernmental organizations can now contain the name of an incumbent and the incumbent’s dates, bringing these headings into accord with headings for heads of state and heads of religious organizations.
  • Appendix B.14A: (a) The abbreviation for "Newfoundland and Labrador" has been changed to "N.L."; (b) "Newfoundland" and its abbreviation "Nfld." have been added.
  • The index has been revised and updated.

Sally Strutt (with thanks to Bob Ewald, LC)
28 November 2003

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