Monday, December 08, 2003

OS Library System

Emilda 1.0.0 is the first version to be released under the GNU General Public License and future development is also to be performed under the GNU GPL.

Some of the key features of Emilda are:

  • Full featured Web-OPAC, allowing comprehensive system management from virtually any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Template based layout allowing anyone to alter the visual appearance of Emilda.
  • XML based language for fast and easy portability to virtually any language.
  • 100% MARC compatibility using the Zebra Server from Indexdata as backend server.
  • Extensive configuration made easy with the Emilda Configurator, allowing full customization of the system.
Currently, Emilda is used at three schools in Espoo, Finland, but is to expand to cover all Swedish Speaking schools in Espoo (approx. 15)

Due to its young age, what Emilda needs at its current stage is testing, testing and of course testing, since the true soul of a program only enters the picture after it has been in hard treatment for a while. This is the reason why we would like You to try Emilda and then report anomalies or alternatively download the source code and make the changes You want to make - That's the beauty of open source!

Seen on oss4lib.

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