Friday, April 23, 2004

Copy Cataloging Guidelines

A new ALCTS publication entitled Differences Between, Changes Within: Guidelines on When to Create a New Record has just been published. The Task Force on an Appendix of Major and Minor changes authored this document under the direction of the ALCTS Cataloging & Classification Section Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access (CC:DA). It was originally intended as an appendix to AACR2, but evolved into a standalone document that supplements the descriptive cataloging rules.

The document provides guidance to the cataloger who has found copy that is a close or near match to the item in hand about whether to use that copy or to create a new bibliographic record. General guidelines are followed by specific guidelines for manifestation-level records for single part monographs, multipart monographs, integrating resources and serials. The text describes what constitutes a major difference between manifestations, requiring the creation of an original record, as well as detailing major changes within a serial manifestation that would lead to the creation of a new record. In addition, guidance is provided regarding minor changes that would not require a new bibliographic record, but might necessitate updating an existing record.

A PDF version is available free to ALCTS members. It is accessible from the ALCTS Web publications page. It will also available from the ALCTS catalog and classification page. To access this publication, ALCTS members need to login to the ALCTS Web site (the same as logging into the ALA Web site).

Printed copies are also available for purchase: $17 for ALCTS-members, $22 for ALA-members, $27 for non-members. If you wish to purchase a copy, contact Kirsten Ahlen at (800) 545-2433 ext 5037 in the ALCTS office.

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