Thursday, May 13, 2004

British Library

In preparation for the implementation of an integrated library system, the British Library is making available sample BNB MARC exchange data files. These files contain non-current data which has been converted but which is representative of the data that will be produced by the BL from June 2004.

The sample data files are available on the BL's public FTP server, which can be accesed as follows:
User name: anonymous
Password: your email address

Sample data is available in MARC 21 or UKMARC format. To find the one you require, follow the appropriate directory path:

BNB in MARC 21 (5010 records)
directory: /pub/bss/sample/m21bnb
File name: bsamp21.lex
Label file: bsamp21.lbl

BNB in UKMARC (1014 records)
Directory: /pub/bss/sample/ukmbnb
File name: bnbsamp.bex
Label file: bnbsamp.lbl

I would like to draw your attention to information about BNB MARC production under our new library system, which has recently been added to our web page The British Library, MARC 21 and the Integrated Library System. Also available from this web page are fact sheets explaining changes to record content following the implementation of our new system.

Thanks Ian.

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