Monday, May 03, 2004


FOAF : Using open standards to support community building by Brian Kelly appears in the latest issue of Ariadne. FOAF is an interesting concept and can provide one level of Web structure.
This article has sought to describe FOAF and outline its potential, in particular for use to support community building at events. At the presentation of the paper "Using FOAF to Support Community Building" at the IADIS Web-Based Collaboration conference in March 2004, I proposed that its future conferences should seek to encourage use of FOAF to support community building across delegates. This suggestion was accepted by the conference organisers and we will consider how to implement it.

Following this initial acceptance of FOAF's potential, participants at the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop event, (to be held at the University of Birmingham, 27-29 July 2004), will have an opportunity to use FOAF. A page providing information on how to get involved in the use of FOAF at the workshop has been created.

In the UK it is possible to receive FOAF metadata on ones' mobile phone via Plink. I personally feel the term "friend" is a bit vague and like the richer terms provided by XFN. Maybe this will change in time. Maybe some library conferences will experiment with using FOAF to connect like minded folks, it would only be an experiment at this stage.

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