Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Koha Release Name: 2.1.0

Koha version 2.1.0 has been released. ROADMAP: A roadmap for Koha 2.2 is available.

This is the 1st UNSTABLE VERSION of the future Koha 2.2. Please install this version only if you want to test and give some help to the team that develops this software. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use it on a production machine.

We alway accept new developpers wanting to code or test features of the Roadmap. We still can accept features not in the RoadMap if:

  • strongly supported/coded by someone
  • compatible with other features
  • can be planned for end of 2004Q3
  1. Auto installer
    If you install koha with ./install -i /path/to/auto_install_file, then Koha will be installed almost without question.
  2. Uninstaller
    run misc/uninstall.pl, provide the mysql root password. that's all. Koha is completely deleted and can be reinstalled. A very nice solution for test platform.
  3. Biblio frameworks
    Koha 2.0 had already 1 framework for cataloguing biblios. It means you could completly define the look of the MARC editor: which fields, where, and what they did (fields constraints) In Koha 2.2 you will be able to have as many frameworks as wanted: 1 for simple monograph, 1 for complete monograph, 1 for multimedia document. You could even have "1 used by Mary, 1 used by John."
  4. MARC authorities
    In 2.2, Koha will provide a complete MARC support for authorities. In 2.1.0 authorities are only in "alpha" state. You can define authority types, the structure of the authority, exactly like for biblios frameworks. You can also add authorities, do some searches. However, you still can't connect an authority to a biblio. Will be in 2.1.1
  5. Call number
    A lot of american people requested this feature. Call number is now stored in the item. Better, you alway can modify the default call number.
  6. Suggestions
    In 2.1.0, a partial suggestion module is available in OPAC. Nothing yet in librarian interface.
  7. Circulation
    Circulation has been heavily rewritten.
  8. Online help
    An Online Help will be provided in 2.2 it will be available by clicking on "Help" button anywhere in Koha. The problem is... to write help screen... help needed here.
  9. Various views in OPAC & librarian interface
    3 views are available in OPAC and in librarian interface.
    • MARC view as in 2.0 (was not in OPAC). The view has been improved, with tabs on the left. Only tabs with something in will are shown.
    • standard view, as in 2.0
    • ISBD view: the ISBD view is defined in the systempref parameters (field ISBD)
  10. New look in librarian interface
    Librarian interface is almost completly css'ed. Some minor improvements to get more valid & clean HTML.
  11. Code cleaning
    Many useless things have been removed. This will continue as long as needed.
  12. UNIMARC plugin for every 1xx fields
    ESNMP have developped all the plugins for UNIMARC fields 1xx. Those fields are coded fields. Should be used for MARC21 with some work. We need volunteers here.

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