Monday, June 07, 2004

Open Source ILS

The Georgia Pines system has decided to create their own open source ILS.
We strongly believe that the best choice for PINES at this critical crossroads is an open source system developed by the Georgia Public Library Service. This system will be custom-written for a library consortium as large and complex as we have become and into which we will continue to evolve. After careful analysis of the library automation marketplace, where we noted the possible benefits and potential shortcomings of every vendor-driven solution for our particular needs, Georgia Public Library Service and OIIT personnel agree that a custom-developed solution is the direction that we should take.

Development of an integrated library software solution will take 18-24 months. We have the option of extending our current software contract for an additional year. This means that we would remain on the present system until at least June 2006. After one year of software development (June 2005), we will evaluate our progress. If, at this time, our development efforts are not sufficiently advanced, we will have adequate time to pursue a vendor-supplied solution through an RFP process.

How, if at all will this affect other open source efforts? Will the resulting system become available to others? How will vendors respond? Interesting times we live in.

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