Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata

Here is a new (to me) XML standard for serial contents.
The Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata (PRISM) specification defines an XML metadata vocabulary for managing, aggregating, post-processing, multi-purposing and aggregating magazine, news, catalog, book, and mainstream journal content. PRISM recommends the use of certain existing standards, such as XML, RDF, the Dublin Core, and various ISO specifications for locations, languages, and date/time formats. In addition PRISM provides a framework for the interchange and preservation of content and metadata, a collection of elements to describe that content, and a set of controlled vocabularies listing the values for those elements.
A question came up on XML4lib about the best scheme to use for marking up journal articles. I thought of TEI, as did several others on the list. However, this looks like a better fit. How will we keep up with and find the best XML schemas?

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