Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Authority Control

L'authority control in un contesto universitario: una scelta obbligata [Versione italiana presentata alla Conferenza internazionale] = The authority control in the Academic context: a Hobson's choice [English version presented at the International Conference] by Guido Badalamenti (2003) In Proceedings International Conference Authority Control: Definition and International Experiences, Florence (Italy). Full text available as:
The control and standardization of cataloguing access is a subject that has always been present in the academic libraries' services organization. This control has been apparent in both the cataloguing context and in the setting up of OPAC tools that are coherent and adequate for the users, enabling students and researchers to conduct easy and thorough searches of the bibliographic collection. The problem of authority control is more apparent in larger libraries than in those of smaller size as it is easier to "control" the search results in smaller libraries. However the increased use of the net has highlighted the need to improve the quality of the results of bibliographic researches. In the last few years this need has been felt more strongly because of the introduction of important projects involved in the conversion of cards catalogues and for the of retrospective cataloguing onto information mediums.

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