Tuesday, July 20, 2004

MARC & Metadata

Volume 22 Issue 2 of Library Hi Tech is the second part of the metadata special issues.
  • Title: Using XSLT to manipulate MARC metadata by Corey Keith
  • Meta-information about MARC: an XML framework for validation+ explanation and help systems by Joaquim Ramos de Carvalho; Maria Inês Cordeiro; António Lopes; Miguel Vieira
  • Creating metadata practices for MIT's OpenCourseWare Project by Rebecca L Lubas; Robert H.W. Wolfe; Maximilian Fleischman
  • Medium or message? A new look at standards+ structures+ and schemata for managing electronic resources by Sharon E Farb; Angela Riggio
  • Repurposing MARC metadata: using digital project experience to develop a metadata management design by Martin Kurth; David Ruddy; Nathan Rupp
  • Future considerations: the functional library systems record by Karen Coyle
  • A bibliographic metadata infrastructure for the twenty-first century by Roy Tennant

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