Thursday, August 19, 2004


Reading the article "Chronological Terms and Period Subdivisions in LCSH, RAMEAU, and RSWK: Development of an Integrative Model for Time Retrieval across Various Online Catalogs" by Jutta Frommeyer and I couldn't agree more. Access to subject material by date is a nightmare in just LSCH never mind including other standards in the mix. Given the mix of dates, names of events and how they are treated, it is no wonder that no catalog can cope.

One solution is the 045 field. It is a standardized code. Yet, I know of no systems that make use of it. Many records records lack it, so even if a system did use it much would be missed. Do your patrons have an easy access to materials by the date of the content using the 045? Surely a simple interface could be constructed. Do you even include the 045 in your cataloging? I think using this field would be an easier solution to the problem than changing LSCH, RAMEAU and RSWK.

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