Monday, August 09, 2004


Just a personal comment about my use of e-mail. Back in the late 80's early 90's I thought e-mail was the best form of communication in most instances and was thrilled with the ease and usefulness of the format. Then spam happened. This morning I had 3 spam messages for every real message. This is destroying the medium. If anyone wishes to contact me by e-mail here are some things to avoid, all are deleted before opening.
  • No subject
  • Vague subject
  • Exclamation points in subject
  • Attachments (folks attaching a v-card might want to reconsider that practice)
  • Misspellings in subject
  • Very poor grammar in subject
  • Hidden address in From field
  • Cute/Hype address in From field
  • Most Subject fields beginning Re: ... if I can not remember sending a message with that particular subject.
  • Any message marked urgent
If everybody received 3 telemarketing phone calls for each personal call or 3 spam IM messages for every real one I don't know if those formats could survive or if it would be allowed to continue. Something has got to be done. For a while I was using Spambayes and found it a good beginning but my current setup at work does not permit it to be used. So I mass delete based on the From field and the Subject field.

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