Wednesday, August 04, 2004


There have been some minor changes made to ONIX for Books.
Following the original issue of Release 2.1 in June 2003, and a number of corrections and minor upgrades made in December 2003 as Revision 01, we have made a few further additions, primarily to support the special needs of ONIX implementations in Australia and Canada. These are incorporated into the latest download packages, as Revision 02. Most users will be completely unaffected by these additions, and you do NOT need to change the release number in the header of your ONIX messages. The additional level of revision numbering within the release number is used only for purposes of controlling successive minor revisions: see ONIX for Books ? Product Information Message ? XML Message Specification, Section 5.
I'm still curious, is there anyplace to download ONIX records from a publisher that is freely available? Or is LC the only place getting records in this format as part of their CIP program? I hear a lot of talk about how our systems have to be able to handle other formats like ONIX, but if all the publishers consider their metadata as proprietary why should we give any thought to it?

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