Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Guide to Institutional Repository Software

The Guide to Institutional Repository Software v 3.0 has been released by the Budapest Open Access Initiative.
Universities and research centers throughout the world are actively planning and implementing institutional repositories. This activity entails policy, legal, educational, cultural, and technical components, most of which are interrelated and each of which must be satisfactorily addressed for the repository to succeed.

The Open Society Institute intends this guide to help organizations with one facet of their repository planning: selecting the software system that best satisfies their institution’s needs. These needs will be driven by each institution’s content policies and by the various administrative and technical procedures required to implement those policies. Therefore, this guide is designed for institutions already familiar with the various administrative, policy, and related planning issues relevant to implementing an institutional repository. Organizations just starting their evaluation of the benefits and features offered by an institutional repository should first refer to the growing background literature as a context for using this guide

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