Friday, September 03, 2004


Jenny, the Shifted Librarian, writes about how unresponsive ILS vendors are to the suggestions and comments of their customers. The slow response to RSS is shown as an example. How true. I have been trying to get Athena to display conference name headings properly for years. They had better wake up.

There are now open-source options available or nearly so. This increased competition should make them wake up. When Koha, Weblis and other small systems get just a bit more installation friendly they will be serious competition to the Athena and Follett products. The PINES project, a few years down the road, will be a option for the large system. If the option is for a free product that is easy to customize and is responsive to trends or a high priced system that can't be changed and is slow to use new technology, not many will opt for the later.

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