Monday, October 18, 2004


I have to mention that my co-workers will be conducting a workshop in Illinois.

EXPLORE! Fun with Science Program

Wednesday & Thursday, December 1 & 2

8:30 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.

Target Audience: Public Librarians and School Librarians working with middle school youth:

  • Are you interested in strengthening your library’s role in providing space science information for patrons?
  • Are you interested in doing more than just surviving science fair time?
  • Are you interested in the potential to develop partnerships and collaborate with science teachers and space scientists?
Then this workshop is for you! Thirty participants will be selected to attend.

Mission: The Explore Fun with Science Program, funded by the National Science Foundation, is designed to bring space science resources and activities to the library environment. Libraries have long provided essential learning resources that strengthen and perpetuate formal and informal education. They have the potential to play an important role in helping bring space science information to everyone through printed matter and online activities. The Lunar and Planetary Institute will endeavor to cultivate and facilitate the development of strong and lasting partnerships between the space science community and libraries.

Overview: The program includes eight topics:

  1. Rockets - Getting Into Space
  2. Space Stations - Living and Working in Space
  3. Space Colonies - Living and Working in Space and on Other Planets
  4. Egg-stronauts - Returning from Space
  5. Solar System - How Did It Form and What is Included?
  6. Shaping the Planets - Impacts, Volcanoes, and Other Planetary Activity
  7. Comets - Dirty Snow Balls in Space
  8. Our Place in Space - How is Earth Unusual? What Influences Earth?
These eight topics are investigated through videos, facilitator PowerPoint presentations, hands-on activities, demonstrations, supporting resources and a Web site. The Lunar and Planetary Institute Education and Public Outreach staff will help workshop participants become familiar with the content and materials so that librarians can share space science with their children, family, and community programs.

Objectives: During the workshop participants will:

  • Meet space science researchers
  • Become acquainted with the Explore themes
  • Undertake Explore demos, activities, and resources designed for the library setting
  • Work with Explore developers and presenters to learn about their methods of presenting Explore to different audiences
Registration: The workshop is free, but registration is limited to 30 librarians. Therefore, you must apply to attend. Applications to Attend are due November 1, 2004. All factors being even, date and time of arrival will determine selection. Applications will be selected with consideration for 1) geographic distribution across Illinois, 2) with priority given to those who regularly work with middle school youth, and 3) applicants expressing interest in exploring or strengthening the library’s role in providing space science information. Attendance is limited to 30. Participants will be notified of acceptance starting November 8.

Each participant will receive the Explore video / DVD set that introduces the eight Fun with Science topics, the Explore CD with presentations, activities, demos, and resources, additional resources, and a $300 stipend for completion of the workshop. These materials are ready to be incorporated into existing library programs. Participants are expected to share the Explore Program through their library’s programs, and with other librarians following the workshop. The two-day workshop will be held Wednesday and Thursday, December 1 & 2, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. Light morning and afternoon snacks will be provided.

The workshop will be held at:
Illinois State Library, Room 403 300 South Second Street Springfield, IL 62701-1796

For more information, contact Karen Egan 217-782-7749 or

Local hotel options and other logistical information will be supplied shortly after participants register; participants are responsible for travel, housing, and dinner costs and arrangements. A $300 stipend to cover expenses will be awarded to every attendee at the end of the workshop.

Make my co-workers happy and make this a full workshop.

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