Tuesday, October 05, 2004

New Records

Differences between Changes Within Guidelines on When to Create a New Record
provides guidance to the cataloger about whether or not to create a new bibliographic record. General guidelines are followed by specific guidelines for manifestation-level records for single part monographs, multipart monographs, integrating resources, and serials. The text describes what constitutes a major difference between manifestations, requiring the creation of an original record, as well as detailing major changes within a serial manifestation that would lead to the creation of a new record. In addition, guidance is provided regarding minor changes that would not require a new bibliographic record, but might necessitate updating an existing record.
This looks useful. I'm not sure about the pricing, 27.00 for a 38 page document seems a bit excessive. It is free to download for ALCTS members, but those of us who are members of SLA are stuck.

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