Monday, October 18, 2004

Visualizing Bibliographic Metadata

Visualizing Bibliographic Metadata - A Virtual (Book) Spine Viewer by Naomi Dushay appears in D-Lib Magazine (October 2004) vol. 10, no. 10.
User interfaces for digital information discovery often require users to click around and read a lot of text in order to find the text they want to read--a process that is often frustrating and tedious. This is exacerbated because of the limited amount of text that can be displayed on a computer screen. To improve the user experience of computer mediated information discovery, information visualization techniques are applied to the digital library context, while retaining traditional information organization concepts. In this article, the "virtual (book) spine" and the virtual spine viewer are introduced. The virtual spine viewer is an application which allows users to visually explore large information spaces or collections while also allowing users to hone in on individual resources of interest. The virtual spine viewer introduced here is an alpha prototype, presented to promote discussion and further work.

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