Tuesday, November 09, 2004


The monthly DDC updates, this month includes a message requesting comment:
The following new and changed entries are effective on November 1.

We have updated Options A and B in the 340 Law schedule in DDC 22. Each entry that includes information on Options A and B has been updated; all affected entries are included below. Changes are underlined; 349.9, 349(.91), 349(.92) and 349.93-349.99 are new entries.

We would like to know how many libraries use Option A, B, or C instead of the standard arrangement, and the reason the option is preferred over the standard arrangement. Please send us [mailto:dewey@loc.gov] the name of your library, the edition of Dewey in use in your library, the option you use, and the reason you prefer the option. We would appreciate a response by December 10, 2004. We will report back our findings to Dewey users in early 2005.

Thanks Ian.

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