Monday, November 15, 2004

Government Documents

Your help is needed by the GODORT Notable Document Panel in not only publicizing but also acknowledging outstanding government information through the annual article in Library Journal.

Just take a few minutes between now and December 31, 2004 to nominate publications from any level of government---state and local, federal, international, intergovernmental organization, foreign government or material published on behalf of a governmental agency by a commercial publisher---for an award. Please only consider materials published in 2002 and 2003 but these can be in any format---websites, CDs, books, maps, audio-visuals, or microfiche. Agencies and publishers are encouraged to nominate their best titles.

The nomination form is available.

A short history of the program is available.

Each year the panel selects approximately 30 notable documents from the list of nominations. These are then featured in the May 15, 2004 issue of Library Journal. Our purpose is to publicize government documents to the broader library community, to honor the agencies and staff responsible for these wonderful documents or web sites, to create a selection tool available to all types of libraries, and to publicize the work of GODORT. The production and distribution of government information widely and in a timely manner remains of critical importance to us all.

Please contact the Panel Chair, Linda Johnson, if you need additional information or have questions. Thank you in advance for your participation in this important effort.

Linda B. Johnson
Head Government Documents Department
Dimond Library
18 Library Way
University of New Hampshire
Durham, New Hampshire 03824
phone: 603-862-2453
fax: 603-862-0247

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