Monday, November 08, 2004

Library ELF

I have to mention again the great tool Library ELF.
ELF is an Internet-based tool for anyone who uses the library and would like to keep track of what they've borrowed. Subscribers are able to check one or more library accounts in one place -- it's a way to simultaneously keep tabs of the status of all of one's checked-out items.

Specify when you'd like to be notified and ELF will send email reminder notices of upcoming due dates (sometimes called pre-overdue or early notification) and overdue reminders. And by visiting the ELF website, you can view the current status of your library borrowings.

Whether by email or by website, ELF checks accounts (in real-time) and consolidates the information into one report. Instead of going to each library account for updates, ELF will automatically do the checking and sends courtesy email reminders.

Ideal for interlibrary library users (students or individuals with multiple library accounts) and intralibrary library users (families, clubs, etc.).

Pretty slick. I've been using it for 2 of the local libraries I frequent and appreciate having all the information on just one page. The developers seem to be very responsive.

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