Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reference Tools

How cool is this:
Reference by SMS is an exciting new service designed specifically to allow libraries to expand their reference delivery methods to include SMS, the mobile phone text messaging system so popular with the youth of today.


The "Reference by SMS" service provides a mobile phone number, unique to your library, that you can advertise as the number for SMSing your library. SMS's received by that number are automatically delivered to an email address that your library specifies. The librarian monitoring that email address creates responses in email using their usual "Reply" facility and an integrated "Send by SMS" tool designed to assist with the short replies used by SMS. Your responses are automatically delivered to the client's mobile phone by SMS.

Seems like an open source tool could be constructed, maybe not with all the "other powerful features are provided to assist with implementation, usage, management and marketing of this service" but maybe more. An RSS feed for Steven Cohen? Seen on Peter Scott's Library Blog.

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