Monday, November 29, 2004


Antelman, Kristin (2004) Identifying the Serial Work as a Bibliographic Entity. Library Resources & Technical Services 48(4):pp. 238-255.
A solid theoretical foundation has been built over the years exploring the bibliographic work and in developing cataloging rules and practices to describe the work in the traditional catalog. With the increasing prevalence of multiple manifestations of serial titles, as well as tools that automate discovery and retrieval, bibliographic control of serials at a higher level of abstraction is more necessary than ever before. At the same time, models such as IFLA’s Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records offer new opportunities to control all bibliographic entities at this higher level and build more useful catalog displays. The bibliographic mechanisms that control the work for monographs--author, title, and uniform title--are weak identifiers for serials. New identifiers being adopted by the content industry are built on models and practices that are fundamentally different from those underlying the new bibliographic models. What is needed is work identifier for serials that is both congruent with the new models and can enable us to meet the objective of providing work-level access to all resources in our catalogs.

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